Please Remain Vigilant Regarding Suspicious Activity in the Neighborhood


As many of you know, suspected drug activity has taken place at 27 Celeste St and around our neighborhood corners and streets. The drug dealer lives here with his mother off/on and when he is in the house the activity begins…

This has been taking place from this address for over five (5) years now and the MPD is well aware of the situation. Unfortunately they have yet to have the great pleasure of catching him in the act to make an arrest.

So in an effort help protect our neighborhood, children and properties I ask for your vigilance and support as we do our part as follows:

  • Report any suspicious activity immediately (number provided below)
  • Record license plate (state & # ) information when it is safe to do so
  • Remind your children to watch for cars, as this “activity” brings with it irresponsible persons that are disinterested in the well-being of your children
  • Remain consistent and always call the following number

CALL 603-668-8711

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. We CAN and will make a difference


A concerned neighbor